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Recreation ark,
camper and berth location





Recreation site Kikkerbosch is situated directly on the river 'De Vecht'

and looks out over the 'Horn- en Kuyerpolder' with its green grazed meadows.  

With a 4 person recreation ark, four camperpitches, five mooring places and a recreation area with two picnic tables on a spacious lawn Kikkerbosch offers a welcome oasis of tranquility. 

Interrupt your campertour or your boot trip for an overnight stay in peace.

Oyr sanitary building with 2 showers, 2 toilets, 1 sink and a washer and dryer unit is at your disposal 24 hours a day. en een was-/drogerunit staat 24 uur per dag tot uw beschikking. 

Kikkerbosch is a very suitable base for a nice walk, various cycling tours, a fishing day of a tour with your camper.


We wish you a warm welcome at Kikkerbosch!   


Recreation ark

Recreation ark for

4 persons for rent for a minimum of 2 nights. Private entrance and parking. Possibility to book in combination with camper place and / or berth for a sloop or boat (max. 9 meters long).

Rate for 2 persons:

€ 115 per night

€ 650 per week

Each extra person:

€ 15 per night


Possibility to rent a sloop or canoes.



Kikkerbosch offers 4 camper pitches for campers of max. 9 meters. On these spacious paved pitches, you can enjoy an idyllic spot between water and greenery, surrounded by lively flora and fauna. Every morning when you wake up, the Vecht has a new experience in store for you!


How about a delicious breakfast outside at one of our picnic tables. The associated recreation field can also be used for a game of football, a game of badminton, a nice yoga experience or for a nice cup of coffee in the sun.


We offer facilities for filling the water tank, discharging your chemical toilet and waste water.



€ 20.00 per night / per camper

€ 2.50 per wash

€ 2.50 per drying cycle




The Vecht has a lot to offer for an unforgettable day out for two, the family or a number of friends. The river Vecht itself, of course, but also a beautiful landscape around it with impressive country estates, castles and picturesque villages and towns. Let your voyage of discovery begin at Kikkerbosch in Nederhorst den Berg! It is a good base for various successful one- or multi-day cruises or a day of fishing.



€ 20,00 per night / per boat

€   2,50 per wash

€   2,50 per drying cycle




4 Camper connection points 10A


Our sanitary room has two units with a shower and toilet. There is also a washbasin with mirror

Public transport

Bus stop Hinderdam is only a 10 minute walk from Kikkerbosch. In a

short time you are at the railway station in Weesp from there to Amsterdam, Almere, Naarden / Bussum, Hilversum or Utrecht.


Washing and drying machine

Possibility to wash and dry at € 3.50 per turn

Picnic tables

For breakfast in the morning or your cup of coffee outside in the sun

Recreation field

The accompanying recreation field can be used for a game of football, a game of badminton, a nice yoga experience or for a nice cup of coffee in the sun.

Swimming location

Kikkerbosch has a large jetty with a solid bathing ladder

Fishing location

There is a large jetty from which you can fish



Cycle routes

Kikkerbosch is located in a green village from which various cycling routes are possible.

The ferry takes you to Nigtevecht then you cross the bicycle bridge over the canal and you end up in Amsterdam.

Varied bike rides are possible to different villages and towns.




The river De Vecht has a wide bed and a low flow speed and there are also many castles, country estates and tea domes along the water, making it well suited for recreational sailing. The Utrechtse Vecht runs through the provinces Utrecht and North Holland. The Vecht starts at the Weerdsluis in the city of Utrecht and flows into the IJmeer some 42 kilometers further at Muiden. Along the way, the Vecht flows past the towns of Maarssen, Breukelen, Loenen, Nederhorst den Berg and Weesp.

To walk

Our location is located directly on the Eilandseweg and is good for a walk of 7 km. From this location you can also go for a tour of Hinderdam and / or Spiegelplas.

If you want to go a little further, a walk to Vreeland is very worthwhile


De Vecht: Our location on the Vecht is ideally suited for a good swim


The Spiegelplas, with several beaches can be reached via the Vecht via the Zanderijsluis on the North side for families with children up to 12 years old


Zandzee Bussum: Centrally located in the Gooi on the outskirts of Bussum. A beautiful swimming pool, with several pools, a slide, a whirlpool and a wild water creek



Within walking distance, you can enjoy lunch, dinner or an ice cream in the evening at Charley's Dinner, Het Boothuys, Pancake House and Het Spieghelhuys.

A little further by bike you can go to Restaurant Lekr in Ankeveen, Ottenhome in Kortenhoef


Amsterdam, Naarden-Vesting, Hilversum, Almere, Utrecht

Would you like to go out, what's holding you back ?! How nice is a visit to the beautiful Fortress City of Naarden with the Fortress Museum.

Or what about a museum visit in our capital Amsterdam, a viewing

of the Dom Tower in Utrecht, a day of shopping in Almere Stad or a visit to the cinema in Hilversum?

Did you enjoy Kikkerbosch?

Of course we would like to see you again.

We wish you a pleasant journey and good sailing!

We would love to read your reaction!


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